Swimming For Physical and Mental Health!

Learning to swim is critical for everyone: infants, toddlers, and even adults.

Swimming For Physical and Mental Health!

We all know how important exercise is for a healthy mind and body. While there are many ways to exercise, swimming is widely known as one of the best and is also a lot of fun while working out.

What are the primary benefits of swimming?

  • It helps control your weight
  • It boosts your mood and heals you emotionally
  • It reduces your stress and depression levels
  • It makes you more expressive and confident
  • It strengthens your muscles and joints in a low impact way
  • It helps you sleep better
  • It improves your concentration power
  • It improves your immunity system
  • It helps control your cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Although swimming can be started at any stage of life, it is ideal to start at a young age. This does not mean that all hope is lost if you want to start as an adult to gain the advantages of a healthier living in a low impact way.

Some adults are afraid of water and consider swimming to be a risky activity. With a little skill, it really isn’t especially given that most pools are carefully supervised by certified lifeguards.

In most swim schools, students learn long distance swimming, safety skills, and various lap and survival strokes. They all exercise different arm and leg muscles as well.

Many studies have shown how swimmers are more active, balanced and coordinated, and perform great in aptitude tests. Moreover, regular swimmers, especially children, are shown to be more logical, positive and fit than the non-swimmers. And these children were far ahead in reading, writing and other intellectual activities, then the children who don’t take part in swimming.

If you live in the area, consider registering you and your children for swim lessons at Hudson Valley Swim. We have programs for all ages and abilities and year-round classes.